Sunday, October 13, 2013

Graduation, September 27, 2013

Friday the 27th arrived bright and sunny.  It was the event our second year students had looked forward to for so long….graduation.   On Thursday, they all went to town to various hair salons to have their hair done.  All but one student had extensions added to their short hair.  Magreth decided to go with a short, straight wig instead.  They came out of the dorm dressed in their caps and gowns with slacks underneath and high heels.  With their long hair and makeup they looked amazing.

After Tom brought the MC with his amplifier and speakers, the electricity went out.  Fortunately, the people from Finland, who live across the road, have a generator, which we borrowed. 

Esther explains how to make fresh juice.

Guests began arriving around 9:30 am, but the celebration did not get underway until 11.  The graduates processed out waving handkerchiefs, preceded by Mama Mdemu and followed by the staff and first year students.  The first item on the agenda was a review of all of the topics learned during their time here.  Each student talked about one item ranging from preparing food, formula, and juice to what one should look for when washing a child…head to toe.  They all did a great job explaining their assigned topic.

Now second year students sing their goodbye. 
During the celebration, the graduates sang several songs and presented a short play of how an abandoned child arrives at the home.  The skit brought much laughter to all because of the humorous acting skills of the students.  Along with the graduates, the now second year students sang songs saying goodbye to their graduating sisters.  Also, the choir from the Blind School sang several songs.  It was a very enjoyable time and it went by so quickly.

Fatuma receives her certificate.

                       Speeches were followed by the presentation of the certificates to each student.  Some students had tears, but most had huge smiles.  It was so great to be there to watch them finish this long process.  Tom and I talked about how next year’s graduation will be the end of our time here. 

After the ceremony, lunch was served and the students sat with their families to enjoy the food picnic style.  Several professional photographers were on hand to take pictures and offer them for sale at the end of the day.  The most touching photos were the ones where the graduates posed with some of the older children.  They will miss these children so much and we will miss them.

ICH Graduates, Class of 2013

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