Saturday, March 9, 2013

She Is Gone

       Just a few days ago she left us.  No one knew it was going to happen.  We had no time to prepare for this. It was such a sad day.  Out of all the children here she seemed to be the most outgoing and independent and everyone loved her so much. Having the greatest laugh and the most beautiful smile she brightened everyone’s day.  She just started talking a few weeks ago with the deepest voice you ever heard from a child.  You could almost hear her singing your favorite hymn.

     The students stood along the wall as she went by.  Tears were flowing like rivers cascading down a mountain.  They all said their goodbyes.  You could see their pain in their faces.  The students stayed along the wall not saying anything for the longest time, then they start talking about how a little child made such an impact in their life They all had been her Mama since she arrived about two years ago.   For the time that she was here, the students FILLED IN as her mother, playing with her, feeding her, holding her and most of all loving her. But no one could ever replace her mother.

       When in your life has someone FILLED IN to help you through troubled times?  Has someone FILLED IN when you thought you could not make it on your own ?   Has someone FILLED IN when you thought you were in your darkest time?  Has someone FILLED IN to walk with you so you never felt that you were alone?  Has someone FILLED IN to just to listen to you when you needed to talk?                 Has someone FILLED IN to pray with you?

     If you said yes to any of these questions then you received a gift from God.  All throughout the Bible it describes our responsibility to FILL IN (SERVE) as Jesus has taught us.  We all face difficult times through out our lives and what a gift it is to have someone be with us.

      In the American entertainment industry, awards shows are held each year whether in films, music or Broadway shows.  All of theses programs are televised. When people in the audience are participating in the program whether it is to present an award or receive one, their seat is occupied so the room always looks filled.  That person sitting there has no other job than to fill the seat.  Our job as Christians is not only fill the space, but to provide the love and support that we have been taught.

    Today, wherever you may be, think of someone who you could help by filling in. Could that someone be you neighbor or maybe a member of your family?  How about your co-worker?

    God has given each of us special gifts.  He wants us to use them.  Become a person that FILLS IN and you will find that you will receive much more than you ever gave.

   And now for the rest of the story:

    Yes that day was very sad for everyone, but it was a day to celebrate.  You see Happyness went home with her father and aunt.  She lived here at the home because her mother died when she was born and her father couldn’t take care of her.  This is the situation with many of the children here.  Her father now can start to build a relationship with her filled with joy and love.

    We thank God  for Irente Children’s Home and the students and staff who are willing to FILL IN .