Sunday, September 22, 2013

ELCA Summer Mission Gathering

While in the states, we had the pleasure of traveling to Chicago and then to Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin to attend the ELCA’s Summer Mission Conference. 

We drove from Philadelphia to Kenosha and back in order to enjoy seeing some of the country.  We especially enjoyed the hills of Western Pennsylvania and the farm country of Indiana.  It was also a wonderful time to talk about our visit home and our plans for the upcoming year in Tanzania. 

Carthage is a Lutheran college located on the shore of Lake Michigan.  The campus is beautiful.  There we joined with 128 mission personnel, who serve all around the world, and staff of Global Missions.  We enjoyed time of worship, learning, and fellowship over five days.

We had attended the conference in 2011 before we came to Tanzania.  On our return this year, we were able to reconnect with friends from our cultural training in Toronto.   We also had time to catch up with others we met before and also new people heading out for the first time.

The SMC is a wonderful chance for people serving God in many places to refresh and recharge.  The ELCA Global Mission staff did a great job organizing and conducting this event.  I believe everyone there left with a greater sense of God’s love and why they are doing what they do.

Some of the places represented were: China, Lithuania, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Egypt, Uruguay, and Japan.

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