Saturday, November 12, 2011

Swahili no problem

         And to think they thought they were going to teach a 62 year man Swahili. But I showed them.Nothing could penetrate this hard head. This week was very challenging. Time changes,new food, class all day and most of all trying to learn a new language..
          We have the most incredible teacher, Mama Elda.  She is teaching us proper sentence structure as we learn the language.She has the patience of a saint with me. How blessed we are to have her. We have two more weeks of classes before we go to our mission site. I hope Mama Elda can hold out that long. I know I can.
         Tanzania is a beautiful country. In this part, things are green with many flowers and trees blooming everywhere.  The colors are breathtaking. There are many large birds making their nest in the trees around the school.This makes my wife very happy. This weekend we plan to take it easy. .I think some rest is needed for both of us.
          When I've had  time to think about what we are doing and where we are, I thank God.
Without him and all of you this mission could not of happened. Please keep Mama Elda in your prayers.

                                                                                                 GOD BLESS
                                                                                            SUSAN &TOM




  1. so excited to see you have arrived safely and are adjusting well. will be looking forward to following your blog and your adventure. will keep you both in my prayers.

  2. "No problem," hmm? You two are amazing! Prayers for you pupils and for your teacher! It's so great to read your messages!

  3. Hi Tom and Sue - Salam Nyining sana katika jina la Bwana Mwokozi wetu Yesu Kristo. Hamjambo? Tom-the-writer: I see you packed your sense of humor too! I hope Sue packed her bird book. It's great to be with you in Spirit as I read these blogs. You don't seem so far away in distance. Glad you had a Njema Safari. Tutaonana Tenu. Mungu akubariki sana!